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Apophyllite is said to be an effective stress-reducing crystal. It helps you to overcome feelings of apprehension and anxiety and to release negative thought patterns and mental blocks.

Apophyllite is also thought to facilitate intuition and to stimulate energy. Placed in a room its powerful vibrations are said to enhance the roomís energy, while placing small pieces on the eyelids is said to relieve tired eyes.

Apophyllite is regarded as the best crystal to assist Reiki healing. Itís stress relieving, calming energies can help take the patient into a deep state of receptiveness and relaxation, while its effect on the healer is to purify the healing energy transmitted to the patient.


Apophyllite Pyramid Point (V.Small)

A crystal point is a useful healing tool. ...more
Apophyllite Pyramid Point (V.Small)

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