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Ruby is a dynamic stone said to promote enthusiasm, vigour and passion for life. It is also believed to encourage a courageous and positive state of mind, to promote dynamic leadership, to increase motivation and to help overcome exhaustion and lethargy.

Ruby is believed to encourage positive dreams and clear visualisation, to give strength in times of conflict and to protect against psychic attack. It is also said to sharpen the mind, increase awareness and improve concentration. However, Ruby’s dynamic energy is not suitable for everyone as it can over stimulate and may be too powerful for children and animals.

In healing Ruby is thought to be extremely beneficial for the heart and the circulatory system. It is also believed to detoxify the body and to stimulate the kidneys, reproductive organs and the spleen.

In the Middle Ages Ruby was viewed as a stone of prophesy and was said to darken when danger was near. Ruby is the birthstone for July and for Capricorn.


Ruby Small Tumble Pendant

Small, delicate pendants made out of tumbled crystals with sterling silver fittings. ...more
Ruby Small Tumble Pendant

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