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Sapphire is known as a Stone of Wisdom. It is said to improve concentration and mental clarity and to help focus the mind. It encourages you to find solutions to your problems by thinking about them quietly and calmly with integrity.

Sapphire is said to remove mental tension and unwanted thoughts and to bring inner peace and serenity. It is believed to counteract depression and to promote a positive attitude. In addition Sapphire is said to attract prosperity.

Placing Sapphire on the throat can support self-expression and release frustration. This makes Sapphire a useful stone for those who have to speak in public.

In healing Sapphire is believed to treat blood disorders and to soothe the eyes. It is also thought to calm overactive body systems and to regulate the glands.

Sapphire is the birthstone for September.


Sapphire Small Tumble Pendant

Small, delicate pendants made out of tumbled crystals with sterling silver fittings. ...more
Sapphire Small Tumble Pendant

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Price: 18.65

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Sapphire Tumble Stone (Medium)

Tumble Stones are smooth and tactile and are the perfect size and shape for keeping in your pocket or for placing on or around the body during crystal healing. ...more
Sapphire Tumble Stone (Medium)

In Stock

Price: 12.25

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