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Crystal Merkabas

A Merkaba, or Merkabah, is made up of two interlocking 3-sided pyramids. The shape formed is also known as the Star of David.

The word Merkaba comes from ancient Egyptian and can be split into three parts, ‘Mer’ which means rotating fields of light, ‘ka’ which means spirit and ‘ba’ which means body.

A Merkaba is therefore said to represent the spirit, or energy body, surrounded by spirals of counter-rotating light or energy. Activating this shape around your body is said to give protection and to allow the spirit to travel to a higher plane during meditation.

The way to meditate with a crystal Merkaba is to hold the crystal in your hand and to concentrate on picturing yourself within the shape, with the two pyramids rotating in opposite directions. Quite tricky, but once achieved it is said to put you in a state of harmony and universal balance and to provide complete protection.


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