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Ruby in Zoisite Crystal Healing Properties

Ruby in Zoisite is also known as Anyolite. It is said to increase vigour and to help overcome laziness. It is also believed to amplify the biomagnetic field around the body and to energize the life force.

Like Zoisite, Ruby in Zoisite is said to encourage you to be an individual, and to live life as you want to, but without distancing you from the rest of humanity. It also stimulates creativity and helps you to focus on your true objectives.

Ruby in Zoisite is said to stimulate the Crown Chakra creating an altered state of consciousness that can be of benefit in entering a trance-like state and in past-life regression.

Like Zoisite, Ruby in Zoisite is said to enhance fertility and to help with diseases of the reproductive system particularly the testicles and ovaries.

Ruby in Zoisite