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Moqui Balls

Moqui Balls, also known as Shaman Stones or Moqui Marbles, are believed to be over 135 million years old. They were used by the Shaman’s of ancient tribes and were held as sacred. Moqui Balls have a sandstone centre with an outer shell of iron oxide. They need no special care and do not need cleansing. Placed in your home they are said to provide protection for you and your family. In addition they are said to stimulate and balance energy, to relieve energy blocks, and to provide grounding and centering.

Moqui Balls can be used in meditation. Lying down and placing one of the stones above the Crown Chakra and one at the feet should balance all of your energy centres and unblock any blocked energies. This should reduce stress and help you to feel grounded and centred. Placing one Moqui Ball on the Brow Chakra and placing the other at your feet is said to enhance clairvoyance. In addition placing a Moqui ball on a painful area is said to draw out pain. It is important not to place Moqui balls in water, as they will dissolve.


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