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Amethyst Head Net

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Amethyst Head Grid (to soothe headaches)

This healing pattern helps to free up the blocked energies that can cause a headache and so reduce the pain.

Amethyst Healing Head Layout

What you need

You will need 4 amethyst points or tumble stones.

Crystal Layout

Lie down and place an amethyst in the centre of the forehead on the brow chakra, pointing upwards. Place two more amethysts, again pointing upwards, at either side of the base of the neck just above the collarbones. An optional fourth amethyst can be placed above the top of the head, pointing towards the head. Relax in this position.

Amethyst Head Layout Set

picture of The Seal of Amethyst Head Layout Kit

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Crystal Healing

This layout is from Simon Lilly's book Crystals and Crystal Healing.