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Calming Crystal Healing Layout

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Benefits of the Calming Crystal Grid

The Calming Crystal Net can help to soothe an emotional upset and help you focus on practical solutions to the situation


diagram ofthe Calming Crystal Layout

What you need

You will need 4 clear quartz points, 1 citrine crystal, 1 rose quartz tumble stone and 1 amethyst tumblestone.

Crystal Layout

Place a rose quartz crystal surrounding by four clear quartz points on the centre of the chest. To remove emotional imbalances place the points outwards, to stabilize an over-emotional state point them inwards.

Place a citrine crystal on the lower abdomen just below the navel. This will encourage a feeling of security and safety. Place an amethyst on the brow to help calm the mind.

Relax in this net for 5, 10 or 15 minutes. It is better to spend a short time regularly in a net than a long time occasionally. Take time to 'come round' afterwards, before attempting focused activity.


Calming Healing Layout Set

picture of Calming Crystal Layout Kit


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This layout is from Simon Lilly's book Crystals and Crystal Healing.