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Citrine Healing Net

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Benefits of the Citrine Healing Grid

The Citrine Healing Net uses a mixture of Citrine and Clear Quartz to increase energy levels, clear the mind and to improve communication skills and adaptability. It is a valuable net for those who are studying.

If you do not really need the extra energy this net can provide then it may become uncomfortable for you.

diagram of the citrine healing grid

What you need

You will need

3 citrine tumble stones,
2 clear quartz tumble stones and
1 clear quartz point.

You will also need a yellow cloth or white cloth to lie on.

Crystal Layout

Place the clear quartz point on the forehead with the point towards the top of your head. Tape the clear quartz tumble stones to the top of the feet between the tendons of the third and second toes. Place one citrine just above the navel on the solar plexus and hold the other two citrines in the hands.

If your citrine stones have a natural point at one end point the one above the navel downwards and the ones in the hands away from the body.

When you first use this healing layout relax in this position for around 5 minutes, practice regularly.

Citrine Healing Layout Set

picture of The Citrine Healing Layout Kit

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This layout is from Sue and Simon Lilly's book Healing with Crystals and Chakra Energies.