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This page is devoted to the experiences people have had using crystals.

If you would like to add your experiences to this page then please email us

We look forward to hearing from you.


Olivia, Australia

About 5 years ago I had the same experience as one of the questions in your QnA!! One night I was feeling anxious and couldn't sleep. I had a green crystal hanging above my bed. It began to swirl and shake! I was very scared and couldn't understand what caused the crystal to move as there were no windows open at all. After reading the question and your answer, I now understand the experience. I have no idea what I have done with that crystal.... Im not scared any more and shall have to find it!

Thanks for helping me to understand the experience and not be scared of the power of crystals and spirit guides.




I had been suffering with a cold for a few days and I had pains across my forehead and in my sinuses. I emailed and they recommended that I should massage my forehead and each side of my nose, in small circular motions, with a fluorite tumble stone to ease the discomfort. I found to my surprise and delight that this worked and that although my cold still lasted a couple of days I did not have a "bunged up nose" which I usually get when I have a cold. I would certainly recommend this to my friends and family and would definitely use the same remedy in the future.




February this year I became interested in crystals and took part in a local work shop. Since then I have passed an on-line Diploma course and started to practise on people I know. I went for crystal therapy my self for the first time last month and was amazed that I could hear the vibration of the crystals, beautiful like singing but not. I was wonndering if others have heard this? May I please also ask I am right in thinking I may smell things while in the therapy session? Do others smell things? Like I say I am a novice




My young daughter (5) has suffered horrible headaches for about one year now. She has even had actual seizures and no one can discover the reason. After much frustration I stumbled upon your website and read about the amethyst net. At a point where I was willing to try anything while she was sleeping I did the layout. I waited and in the morning she awoke telling me her headache was gone. The headache did return later in the day but after several days of treatment she now has been headache free. I thank you for the information and wanted to let you know that you have helped a little girl very much



Nick - Nottingham

I occasionally get a sharp pain just below my knee bone - especially when I bend the knee. I noted that the hematite is supposed to be good for joint pain, so I pulled a stretchy tubular bandage over my knee and used it to hold a small hematite tumble stone in place overnight. The knee was back to normal by the morning and interestingly I have not had the trouble since.



Lesley.E - Cardiff

I have been having a bad time lately, everything seems to have gone wrong, losing my job, not been able to get another job, money problems etc. This has ultimately made me feel depressed and negative. I know that these negative energies can build up in your energy field or aura and can attract more negative energy.

Today I decided enough was enough, I placed a citrine tumble stone in a spiral holder and wore it round my neck. I wrote down a positive affirmation and repeated it to myself regularly.

"I deserve all the love, respect, joy and prosperity that flows into my life. I am open to receiving all good things".

I started to feel more uplifted and by early morning I had a phone call asking me to go for an interview. The electric company finally admitted that they had made a mistake with the billing and reduced my bill and I feel I have the strength to cope again.



Jacquie P from Sutton Coldfield

I recently cricked my neck giving me discomfort in my right shoulder and up my neck. As the right shoulder is concerned with female issues I placed a Rose Quartz Palmstone between my shoulder and the back of the chair. The coolness of the crystal soothed away the pain. I did this for 20 minutes for 3 days and my shoulder and neck soon became less stiff and the pain disappeared.



Jayne - Nottingham

I tried the Amethyst Head Net on my son. He was sceptical at first but he has been having quite a few headaches. I think because of his GCSE exams. I got him to lie on the floor arranged the amethyst points around his head two just above his collar bones, one on his brow and one above his head. The stones on his collar bones were quite tricky to get to stay still, especially as he's ticklish. He lay in the net for about 10 minutes. When he sat up he said his headache was a bit better, after about five minutes it had disappeared altogether. Amazing - it may have been the power of suggestion but at least it got better without resorting to painkillers.