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Crystal FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

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Customers often email us with questions about crystals and their uses. We have decided to include some of those questions on this page in the hope that they will help other people who have similar crystal queries.

Q. Can you tell me which crystals are best for crystal meditation?

You can meditate with any crystal depending on what you want out of your experience. If you are tired and need energy you should meditate with an orange crystal such as Carnelian, if you feel that you need to be more creative your should meditate with a blue stone such as Blue Lace Agate. To enhance your psychic ability you can meditate with crystals such as Kyanite or Turquoise by placing one of them on your Third Eye or Brow Chakra. If you have a number of crystals you can place them on a surface and dowse with a pendulum to decide which crystal is right for you, at that time, to meditate with.

Q. Is there any benefit to buying crystals you can wear as opposed to holding?

It is personal preference whether you buy crystals to hold or to wear. The benefit of buying jewellery is that you can keep it with you all the time. A cheaper alternative is to buy a Spiral Holder, for a favourite Tumble Stone, and put it on a chain or thong. Or you could buy a Thumb stone, Tumble Stone, Mini Heart or Pocket Angel that you can carry around with you in your pocket or purse.

I personally also like to buy crystals that I can place by my bedside or in a room so that everyone can get the benefit from the crystal's vibrations.

Q. I have just suffered a massive heart break, future and dreams have gone with who I thought was the love of my love. I have never been the most confident, especially when it comes to self belief. I was wondering whether you could recommend any crystals that could help me with either the heartbreak, or adding confidence to my own self belief.?

Here are a few suggestions

For a broken heart.
Place 6 Rose Quartz tumble stones around your bed as a grid when you go to sleep at night. They can be placed on the floor so as not to disturb your nights sleep. One above your head one either side of your elbows, one either side of your knees and one below your feet. Make sure you cleanse your crystals each day for a while until you feel that your heart is healing.

For confidence
Carry a Citrine tumblestone in your pocket or wear it as jewellery.

Q. Can you recommend a crystal to help ease rheumatic pain?

Malachite is believed to help with Rheumatic pain. Gently hold or stroke a Malachite Tumble Stone over the area that is causing you a lot of pain. You can also wear Malachite as jewellery so that the crystal can resonate with your body for a longer period of time each day. Use Malachite only in its polished form as the natural form is toxic.

Q. I am in my early 50's and going through the menopause. Is there a crystal that can help relieve the symptoms?

A crystal that may be beneficial when going through the menopause is Moonstone. Worn as a bracelet or necklace, for long periods, it is believed to reduce the problems associated with the menopause by slowing down the hormone changes.

Q. My granddaughter has trouble sleeping at night can you recommend a crystal that will help?

For easy and peaceful sleep I would recommend a net of 6 Rose Quartz tumble stones placed around her bed at night. Place one above her head, one below her feet and two either side of her body. This should encourage a calm, soothing nights sleep.

Q. I have a persistant pain in my wrist, is there a crystal that can help?

Apatite is believed to relieve joint pain. To help reduce the pain try rubbing an Apatite tumble stone over the effected area or place an Apatite tumble stone in a small glass container and then in another container that has water in it. Leave for a few hours in a fridge then smooth the water over the affected area.

Q. My mother has a very bad ulcerated leg, which gives her great pain. Is there a crystal that might help her?

I have listed a few crystals below that I believe may help your mother’s ulcerated leg.

Peridot is believed to heal and regenerate tissues and aid in the recovery from ulcers. If the area is bandaged place a small tumble stone inside the bandage so that it is close to the area.

Rose Quartz is beneficial to the skin and has a soothing and healing effect. Use a palmstone or thumb stone and place it gently on the area (on the skin if possible) to help relieve discomfort.

Ocean Jasper is believed to strengthen the immune system eliminate toxins and improve the supply of nutrients. As an ulcerated leg can take a long time to heal Ocean Jasper can also encourage a positive outlook, which is beneficial in helping the body to heal itself.

Q. How can I use crystals to help my son who is very unhappy at school and to help him ignore the teasing?

I am sorry to hear that your son is unhappy at school I have listed a couple of crystals below that might help him.

Citrine – This crystal is a joyful stone that is believed to reduce fears and negative feelings leaving you feeling happy and positive, this stone may make him feel more confident about going to school. Place six crystals under his bed as a grid, one at the top, one at the bottom and two either side.

Fluorite – This crystal will protect your son from negative energies and increase his self-confidence. Although Fluorite will not stop the teasing it can allow the negative behaviour to bounce back off him so that he no longer feels upset by it.

Place a Fluorite tumble stone in a small glass then place that glass in a container of water (The crystal should not be put directly in the water that is going to be drunk) so that the vibrations from the crystal energises the water. Use this water in his drink that he takes to school. He may also want to carry a Fluorite tumble stone in his pocket. Place it in a velvet bag to protect the crystal from scratching.

Q. Please can you advise how, and how often, I should clean my crystals. Also can they all be cleaned together or do they have to be cleaned separately?.

If your crystals are placed around your home I would advise you to cleanse them about once a month or if a bit sooner if they are looking dull. However, if there is a lot of stressful or negative behaviour in a room your crystals will need to be cleansed more frequently.

If you use your crystals for healing then you will need to cleanse them after each healing session.

It is possible to clean several crystals at one time. The best and safest way, I find, is to group together the crystals you want to clean and then to use the Tibetan cymbals to send a beautiful sound over the crystals clearing away any negative energy.

Q. I'm looking to buy a crystal for my sister who is suffering from social anxiety and shyness. Can you recommend anything?

A really good stone for shyness and nervousness is Rhodochrosite it is also believed to encourage a positive attitude and to bring lightness into your life.

Q. I have a question about the Chakra bracelet. I've been told that it's best not to wear two different crystal at once, but I'm presuming that where Chakra Bracelets are concerned all the gems are compatible anyway, but does that then make it neutral, so that I could wear any other crystal as well, say as a necklace?

Wearing two different crystals can become a problem it you are wearing crystals with opposing properties, for example wearing a crystal that relaxes you and also wearing another crystal to give you more energy. This is not the case with Chakra jewellery. We have 7 major Chakras (energy centres) down our body. The Chakra crystals resonate with these energy centres until they become balanced, and then keep them balanced.

So I wouldn't worry about wearing a Chakra bracelet and then a crystal in a necklace, your mind, body and spirit will benefit from all their energies

Q. I am going through the adoption process and am currently in the middle of bringing a 13 year old girl into our home. She is lovely but is going through so many issues and has many problems and I was wondering if you could advise on any crystals I could buy to perhaps ease tension, help with anger and ease her transition. Also I am struggling with the intensity of it all and was perhaps hoping for a little help with that, any ideas would be much appreciated.

As your 13 year old must have been through heartache and pain I would recommend Rose Quartz as it is believed to help with trauma, stress, heartache and anger. Take 6 Rose Quartz Tumble Stones and place them around her bed in a grid, one at the top, one at the bottom and 2 on either side. This should help her to sleep and relax.

Rhodonite may also be beneficial as it is believed to clear away emotional wounds and scars from the past.

For yourself I think that a Blue Lace Agate Tumble Stone kept in your pocket would be beneficial. When you are feeling anxious hold the crystal and gently stroke it with you fingers, Blue Lace agate has a very calming effect.

Q.I would like to know if there is a crystal for positive thinking? I compete and when the crunch comes down to winning and clinching the game I think too much and lose the game.

What may help you is a stone for confidence. Take a Citrine Tumble Stone with you to your game. Before it is your turn hold the crystal in your hand and keep saying to yourself “I believe in myself”. Feel the energy from the crystal helping you to gain the confidence to win.

Q. My boyfriend broke his back 2 weeks ago in a climbing accident (crushed 5 vertebrae) and although I have a few stones for backache, bones and the mental side of healing (acceptance, patience etc), there's nothing that I feel is suited to him at the moment. Do you have any suggestions?

Try placing a Black Tourmaline in some massage cream, to let the cream be energized by the crystal, then carefully massage it into his spine (check this is okay with his doctor first). Tourmaline is believed to benefit the bones and hopefully will give him some pain relief. To help him emotionally, to give him energy and to help him accept the situation he is in at present, place Rose Quartz, Citrine and Carnelian in some water and leave, covered (I usually use the end of a pair of tights over the top of the glass to keep any insects and dust out), in the sunshine until 12.00 noon (after noon the sun becomes draining) then take out the crystals and give the water to your boyfriend to sip throughout the day.

Q. How can I cleanse my crystal jewellery?

Crystal jewellery can provide problems when cleansing because some cleansing methods, such as holding the crystal under running water, can damage it. An alternative is to place the jewellery on a Quartz Cluster to remove any negative energies that may have built up within the crystal. It is important to remember to cleanse the Quartz Cluster after use.

Q. I happened to pick up a piece of Moldavite at a fair and when I put it on, I felt a wonderful warm vibrating electrical current working its way from the crown of my head to my toes (I cleansed it before putting it on). I have been wearing it for about two weeks and cannot feel the nice electrical current that I first felt. I cleansed the stone again and still nothing. I have been trying to find some information regarding this occurrence, but have not been able to. Can you shed any light on this or offer any suggestions as to why the feeling is gone?

It sounds like you had a lovely experience and the only explanation I can suggest as to why you don't feel like this any more is because the Moldavite's energies have integrated with your own energies.

The warm feeling was your sign that this was a crystal that you should work with, just as some crystals seem to jump out at you. Although you can not feel this vibrating electrical current any more it doesn't mean it is not working, try meditating with your Moldavite and you may find that you start to get images or feelings as the Moldavite opens you up to a new dimension.

Q. Could you please advise me, I have read that putting a crystal cluster near your computer is a good idea, which one would you suggest?

One of the best crystals to put near a computer is a Quartz Cluster or a Quartz Point. Fluorite can also be used to help to protect a user from computer emanations. It is unusual to find a Fluorite Cluster but a pyramid or sphere can be used instead. Fluorite has the added advantage of helping you to absorb new ideas and to collate information.

Q. I would like to know if there are any crystals that can assist in falling pregnant?

Moonstone is said to aid the reproductive system. Lying for around 10-20 minutes within a Moonstone Healing Net is believed to enhance fertility. I find that nets are quite an effective way of using crystals, as while you lie within them you are being surrounded by the crystal's energy, which allows the healing energy of the crystal to resonate with your own energy.

Q. I ordered the quartz points from you, to do the Seal of Solomon Healing Grid. I have been reading a lot on this and found out that both the person who receives the Seal of Solomon, and the healer, should be centred, grounded and protected. Can you advise me on this please?

The first stage is to centre, ground and protect yourself. To centre yourself take a few deep breaths in and out to clear and focus your mind and to give intent for healing to take place.

To ground and protect yourself, imagine roots coming from your feet and going down into the ground, through the rocks and into the earth, see a ball of white light in the centre of the earth and feel your roots going into this ball of white light. Visualise the white light coming us your roots like milk being drawn up a straw, up through your roots into your feet up through your legs up your spine, down your arms and up through the top of your head. See the light fall like a fountain all around you. This will protect and ground you in readiness for giving healing to yourself or to someone else.

The next stage is to centre, ground and protect the person receiving the healing. To centre the person you are giving healing to ask them to take a few deep abdominal breaths in and out to focus them. To ground them place a black stone, for example Tourmaline, at the bottom of their feet.

The seal of Solomon is actually the same grid as the Star of David, which is a protecting grid. This means the person lying in the grid is being protected by the crystal points, however you can add extra protection by imagining a bubble of white light around them or by griding the room with the crystal points in the same way that you grid the person.

If you or the person, that has received healing, feels light headed or headachy afterwards, hold a black stone, drink water or go for a gentle walk to help you to return to everyday life.

Q. I am suffering with eczema, insomnia and stress, do you have any suggestion for crystals that may help me?

Rose Quartz is said to be good for eczema, stress and insomnia. A tumble stone or thumb stone may be a good option as you can sit quite comfortably with this in your hand when you are feeling stressed. In addition stroking it over the affected area will help to soothe the skin and placing it by the side of your bed, at night, should help you to have a restful nights sleep.

Q. Please can you tell me if it is okay to accept crystals from other people.? Someone once told me that it is not a good idea to accept crystals from another person as the crystals may contain the other persons energy which may be good or bad energy.

You are right to be concerned that crystals may hold negative energy from people who have handled them in the past. The solution is to cleanse the crystals to remove any negative energy. This will make them safe for you to use and enjoy.

Q. My mom has recently been diagnosed with cancer and is facing a course of chemotherapy. Can your recommend any crystals that can help her cope with the chemo and resulting sickness?

Smoky Quartz is believed to help reduce the symptoms of chemotherapy. I would also recommend that you find a Reiki healer as many people have found that regular Reiki healing, while having chemotherapy, reduces the effects of the treatment and can encourage a positive attitude, which helps the body to heal itself.

Q. I have been suffering from a cold for a few days and I have pain in my sinuses and across my forehead. Can you recommend a crystal that might help ease my symptoms?

Try massaging your forehead and each side of your nose in small circular motions with a Fluorite tumble stone.

Q. Can you suggest any crystals that might help recovery after an operation?

Using the 7 Colour Chakra Layout can help your body to heal itself by energising you as a whole. In addition Rose Quartz placed on or near where you had your operation can help the surrounding skin heal. If your scar itches or is uncomfortable the coolness of the Rose Quartz crystal can soothe the discomfort.

Q. I am looking for a crystal to put on my mobile phone to stop the 'electromagnetic smog' coming into me. I often feel depleted after using my phone?

Taping an Amazonite, Aventurine or Black Tourmaline crystal to your phone is believed to reduce the effects of mobile phones.

Q. I had a very strange experience involving a large crystal (clear) and I wonder if anything similar has happened to anyone else. One night I was at home, concentrating intensely on meeting an essay deadline, when the crystal, which was hanging from a ribbon, suddenly began to swing, rather violently, from side to side, very loudly hitting the books beside it. It scared me somewhat, as I didn't understand where its energy was coming from - something supernatural or from me? Perhaps my level of heightened concentration (panic!) might have been picked up? Any advice? (I actually threw the crystal away, which I now regret).

I was interested to hear about your experience with your crystal. It could have been a couple of things, firstly as you sat there, thinking, the energies around you would have become quite strong and the crystal may have picked up on these energies. This is a bit like when you hold a pendulum above the palm of your hand and the energy is transmitted from you to the crystal making it move.

Another reason could have been that you were asking for help. You have angels all around you but they cannot help unless you ask, they may have been trying to get your attention. Or, if you have a loved one in spirit, they may have been trying to tell you that they were there with you trying to support you. Please do not be afraid, crystals can only do you good and can do no harm.

Q. My sister is travelling to Australia. Which stones do you suggest buying?

If your sister is worried about travelling a Red Jasper thumb stone, tumble stone or palmstone can be held and rubbed, as this is a very calming stone that can reduce anxiety.

Holding or wearing Black Tourmaline is believed to reduce the effects of jet lag whereas Malachite is thought to be of benefit for travel sickness.