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Crystal Healing involves placing crystals on the body to align the body’s energy centres and to release negative thought forms. Crystal healing balances the mind, body and spirit allowing you to heal yourself from within.

The body has 7 main energy centres or Chakras. When the Chakras become blocked you can become tired and your energy levels can suffer. You may also develop physical health problems. For example if our Solar Plexus Chakra becomes blocked you may start to suffer with digestive problems. If the Throat Chakra becomes blocked you may experience a sore throat or a tickly cough.

A Crystal Healing session removes blockages and balances all of the energy centres of the body, improving health and well-being.

A session lasts for approximately 45 minutes. During the session I place crystals on and around your body, using intuition and dowsing to determine which of your energy centres are blocked. I then use Universal Energy (Reiki) to enhance the vibration of the crystals removing any blockages and allowing you to release physical, emotional and mental stress.

Each Crystal Healing session cost £35.00. You usually need between one and three sessions to feel the full benefits of this wonderful form of complementary therapy.

My Crystal Healing Therapy room in Beeston, Nottingham

My therapy room is based in Beeston, Nottingham.

Please call me on: 0115 922 8585 (Monday to Friday) or Email Me or use our contact form to arrange an appointment.