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Massaging with crystals combines the relaxing benefits of massage with the healing vibrations of crystals and can give an experience that relaxes and balances the whole body. Crystal massage can be performed on yourself or on another person or animal.

When performing crystal massage choose smooth crystals that glide easily over the skin, such as tumble stones, palm stones, spheres or the smooth end of a wand.

One of my favourite crystals to use is Clear Quartz because it contains all the colours of the spectrum and heals at all levels. However, crystals can also be chosen to treat specific problems; some of these are listed below:

I recommend that crystal massage on the body is performed over a thin layer of clothing to prevent the crystal from dragging against the skin and causing discomfort.


Preparing your crystal

Once you have chosen your crystal follow the steps below:

Step 1: Cleanse your crystal

Step 2: Dedicate your crystal

Hold you crystal and visualise white light surrounding it. State clearly “ I dedicate this crystal to the highest good to be used in love and light “

If you have trouble visualising just say the words, the intention will work just as well.

Step 3: Programme your crystal

Sit quietly where you will not be disturbed, hold your crystal in the palm of your hand and imagine a white light connecting you to your crystal, let yourself be attuned to its energy and feel the calmness of the stone.

When you feel ready clearly say “ I intend this crystal to be an effective healing tool”

Say this intention three times and then place your crystals down before using.

Remember to cleanse, dedicate and programme your crystal regularly as a crystal’s energy may become depleted with use and it will need recharging.


The Crystal Massage Technique

Sit quietly and imaging a white light surrounding you or both of you. Circle your crystal 3 times anti-clockwise to release any negative energy. Now simply place the crystal lightly on the skin and make small clockwise circles over it. Do not press down hard.

Sometimes you may find an area where the skin feels rough or less smooth. If you do, hold the crystal in that position for a while before continuing with circular motions around the area. I have found that when an area “feels different” my clients often say that this area is painful. It is therefore best to just hold the crystal still or to apply very light pressure on these areas.

After receiving a massage your should sit quietly for a while and then wiggle your toes and clap your hands to help you to feel grounded again and to prevent feelings of having a ‘fuzzy’ head. Drink a glass of water and sit and reflect on how you felt during and after the crystal massage session.


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