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Having crystals around you in your work or business environment can provide support and stimulation. The following are some of the crystals that can be of benefit in the workplace.

Energy and Motivation

There can be times when you feel lacking in energy and motivation. This can have an impact on your business and your work flow.

Orange Calcite is a great energy amplifier,
while Carnelian increases positive feelings, drive, confidence and motivation.
Green Aventurine can help you to see alternatives and new possibilities while gently encouraging you to persevere.
while Moss Agate, with its very positive energy, is said to increase hope and optimism and to improve self-esteem and self-confidence.


Good leadership is essential for a successful business.

Green Aventurine is thought to reinforce leadership qualities and decisiveness. It is a good stone for someone pushing themselves outside their comfort zone.

Clear Thinking

Planning, running or working in a business involves keeping a clear head and focusing on what is important.

Kyanite is believed to reduce confusion and to stimulate the higher mind, increasing the capacity for logical thought.
Lapis Lazuli is said to stimulate the higher levels of the mind encouraging clarity and objectivity.
Chrysocolla can be used to get a clearer view of a problem. Lie down and place a piece of Chrysocolla on the throat or forehead. Think about an issue you wish to understand better, focus on a thought and then relax. Chrysocolla can encourage an answer or solution to appear in your conscious mind.


A successful business cannot stagnate, it needs fresh ideas and new ways of looking at things. This makes creativity an important part of any business venture.

Amethyst is said to encourage creative thinking.
while Rhodochrosite is believed to stimulate the mind and to enhance creativity.
Tigers Eye is said to release blocked creativity
while Amazonite is a good stone for writers and artists as it is thought to enhance self-expression and creativity.
Chrysocolla inspires creativity, reduces mental tension and helps you to keep a cool head in difficult situations.

Absorbing New Ideas

In a business or work environment the need to keep on top of the market can mean that you have to quickly absorb, and adapt to, new ideas.

Flourite can help you to absorb new ideas.
while Blue Chalcedony opens the mind to new ideas and helps you to accept new situations.

Accomplishing Goals

Citrine is said to help in the achievement of goals and to encourage you to explore every avenue until you find the best solution to a problem. It is a very good stone to have around you in a business or work environment.
Tigers Eye promotes a positive attitude and helps you to accomplish your goals and to recognise your own talents and abilities.

Public Speaking and Communication

Clear communication is an important part of any business.

Aquamarine is said to remove communication blocks and to help you to deal with difficult situations.
Blue Apatite is said to enhance communication and self-expression and can be a useful stone to keep near you during public speaking. It can calm the nerves and give you the self-confidence to stand up there and talk.
Amazonite is said to dispel negative energy and to improve confidence, leadership and communication. It is a useful stone to wear or carry if you have to face a challenging situation, have a difficult question to ask or have to speak in public.

Team Work and Meetings

Sodalite is a useful crystal to have around during a team exercise as it is said to promote harmony, trust and unity of purpose between group members.
A large piece of Selenite placed in a room, ensures a peaceful atmosphere and can be useful in a meeting to help prevent discussions getting out of hand.
Placing a piece of Pyrite on the desk is said to energise the area around it, this can be advantageous when discussing large business concepts.


Fluorite and Quartz are believed to protect against computer and electromagnetic emanations. It is, therefore, a good idea to place a piece of Fluorite or Quartz between you and your computer when you are working.
Smoky Quartz can protect you against unwanted energy from others. It is useful in a work situation if you regularly come into contact with negative or emotionally draining people.

Attracting Abundance

Carrying or wearing Citrine is believed to have a positive effect on cash flow. Placing it in the wealth corner of your office, the far left hand corner from the door, is said to attract wealth and abundance.
Moss Agate is said to attract abundance and to bring prosperity into your life.
Tigers Eye is also said to bring good luck, prosperity, wealth and success.

The Three Legged Money Toad, also known as 'Chan Chu', is an ancient Chinese symbol of prosperity and is traditionally used to attract abundance. The way to use a Money Toad is to place it facing the door during the daytime, to attract wealth into a business, and to turn it around to face away from the door during the night time, to keep the wealth in.

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