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Crystals for Love

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Crystals can be used to attract love into your life or to attract a soulmate. The following is a list of crystals that are associated with love.

Larimar is said to be an excellent stone for attracting a soulmate. It also radiates love and peace and encourages communication in relationships.
Morganite is said to attract love into your life and, once it is there, to help maintain it and make it grow. In addition Morganite encourages you to have loving thoughts and actions, reducing stress and helping you to appreciate and enjoy your life.
Red Muscovite is believed to encourage unconditional love, to open your heart to sharing and to help you to accept other peoples' imperfections.
Rhodochrosite's strong, but gentle, loving energy is good for relationships, especially for those who feel unloved. Rhodochrosite is also said to be a good stone for attracting a soul mate.

Rose Quartz, is known as the ‘Love stone’ and is said to be the stone of unconditional love. It can support you in learning how to love yourself and how to receive love from someone else. It can also be worn, or placed in the relationship corner of your home (the farthest right hand corner as you walk in the front door), to attract love into your life.

How to use your crystals to attract love

You will need:


  1. Pick a couple of the crystals from the above list or use any others that you are drawn to.
  2. Cleanse your crystals.
  3. Sit in a quiet place, where no one will disturb you, and place your crystals out in front of you.
  4. Light a candle and imagine a ball of white light at your solar plexus radiating out and growing until your whole aura is full of light.
  5. Take your notepad, or piece of paper, and write down all the qualities that you would like in your new love. Make sure they are specific; saying that you want love in your life might bring a pet to your door rather than a new partner.

    When you are thinking of your love's qualities try not to have anyone in particular in mind as you cannot change the path of another.
  6. Once you have written your list take the chosen crystals in your hand and say “I program these crystals to bring me a new love into my life for my highest good”.
  7. Wrap the crystals up carefully in the paper and tie it together with the pink ribbon.
  8. Place it in a drawer and forget about it, let the Universe do its work.
  9. Blow out your candle and thank the Universe for its help.

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