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Crystals for Travel

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Travel can often leave you feeling tired and disorientated. You may also experience fear, jet lag, travel sickness and difficulty sleeping.

Below is a list of crystals that can be used to help reduce the side-effects of travelling with information on how to use them.


For Travel Sickness - Yellow Jasper

Yellow Jasper can be used to reduce travel sickness.

You need 2 Yellow Jasper tumble stones

Yellow Jasper Tumble Stone
Yellow Jasper Tumble Stone

At the start of your journey place one Yellow Jasper tumble stone on your solar plexus, between the navel and the rib cage. Place the other on your right inner ear.

Hold them in this position for 5 minutes.

After 5 minutes put the crystal that has been on your solar plexus on your left inner ear and place the other crystal on your solar plexus.

Keep alternating throughout your journey.


For Fear and Anxiety - Sodalite

Fear and anxiety can sometimes be the result of not feeling in control. Sodalite is believed to help you to feel more in control of situations allowing you to feel calmer and more relaxed.

You need 1 Sodalite tumble stone.

Sodalite Tumble Stone

During your jouney hold the tumble stone in your hand or put it in your pocket to reduce fear and anxiety.


For Tiredness and Jet Lag- Snow Quartz and Black Tourmaline

Snow Quartz and Black Tourmaline can be used together to reduce feelings of tiredness and jet lag after travelling.

You need 1 Snow Quartz tumble stone and 1 Black Tourmaline tumble stone.

Snow Quartz Tumble Stone
Black Tourmaline Tumble Stone

Hold the Snow Quartz in your left hand and the Black Tourmaline in your right hand. Imagine energy coming into your left hand and all the tiredness leaving through your right hand.

Sit there for 10 minutes and feel the energy from the Snow Quartz filling your body while all the tiredness and negative energy is being drawn out of your body by the Black Tourmaline.


For Difficulty Sleeping - Rose Quartz

After a long journey and in a strange place it is sometimes hard to sleep. Rose Quartz can help.

You need 1 Rose Quartz Tumble Stone.

Rose Quartz Tumble Stone

Place the tumble stone under your pillow before you go to bed to help you to sleep more soundly.

Alternatively you can place your Rose Quartz tumble stone in your bath to allow the healing vibrations of the crystal to relax you ready for a good nights sleep.


Energy Clearing - Quartz

You room will have been used by many people previously and they may all have left their energy in the room. Quartz can be used to clear any energies left behind.

You need 1 Quartz tumble stone.

Quartz Tumble Stone

If you can, open the windows and doors.

Sit in the centre of the room and hold your Quartz crystal. Imagine light coming out of your crystal and see the crystal filling you with white light. See that light expand out from you into the room until the room is full of white light.

Let the light push out any unwanted energy in the room through the windows and doors.


Protection - Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz is a very protective crystal and can shield you from other peoples unwanted energies.

While you are travelling you are constantly meeting new people, if you are too open to their energy you could end up feeling tired and drained as they unintentionally affect your energy levels.

You need 1 Smoky Quartz tumble stone.

Smoky Quartz Tumble Stone

Carry your tumble stone around with you to protect you from other peoples energy.

For extra protection imagine a protective bubble of white light around yourself each morning when you wake up.


Remember to cleanse all these crystals before and after use.


We have put the above crystals together as a travel kit along with instructions on how to use them.

Crystal Travel Kit

picture of the Crystals for Travel Kit


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