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Crystals in the home

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Placing crystals in strategic places around your home can have beneficial effects.

The grid below gives you information about which crystals to place where. To relate it to your own home North refers to your front door, which makes South the back of your house.

Heal your Home Grid

Wealth Corner of the Home Recognition and Fame corner of the Home Marriage and Romance Corner of the home
Family and Health Corner of your Home   Children Corner of the Home
Education and Knowledge Corner of the Home Career Corner of the Home Mentor Corner of the Home

Front Door

Remember to always cleanse your crystals before use.

Wealth Corner of the Home

For financial good fortune place a large piece of Citrine in the South East (furthest Left) corner of your home. You can also place a citrine stone on a cash box or till and carry a piece in your wallet or purse. Citrine is also known as the Merchant's stone because of its ability to bring wealth and prosperity to its owner.
Recognition and Fame Corner of your Home A clear quartz pyramid placed in the South of your home works on your recognition and fame and may improve your promotion prospects and reputation.
Marriage and Romance Corner of your Home

A Rose Quartz placed in the South West (Far Right) corner of your home brings the benefit of an harmonious relationship to everyone in the home. Placing a large Rose Quartz Crystal or even better a Rose Quartz Heart in the South West Corner of your bedroom will ensure a happy relationship with your partner or will attract romantic love if single. Wearing a rose quartz pendant will also attract love and harmonious relationships into your life.

Children/Fertility Corner of your Home

Moonstone placed in the Children area of your home is said to enhance fertility.


Career Corner of your Home

Clear Quartz placed in the Career area of your home can aid intuition and encourage the making of the right career decisions.


Mentor Corner of your Home

A beautiful blue turquoise crystal placed in the North-West (Near Right) area of your home will encourage mentors and universal support.


Education and Knowledge Corner of your Home In the North East corner of your home place 9 tumbled carnelian crystals in a bowl. This should help you to approach new situations with an 'open mind'. When studying hold a citrine or carnelian crystal in you hand or place it on the North East (Near Left) Sector of your desk
Family and Health Corner of your Home Placing a Jade item in the East (Left) of the home is said to bestow long life, health, wealth, generosity and worldly wisdom.


Carnelian placed by the front door invokes protection and invites abundance into the home. Carnelian palmstone
A large piece of celestite placed in a room heightens vibrations benefitting health and well-being.
celestite cluster
Fluorite placed on a computer can help protect you from harmful emissions fluorite palmstone
A large piece of Selenite placed in the house promotes a peaceful atmosphere selenite cluster
Placing Picture Jasper in a room is said to absorb negative energy Picture of Picture Jasper Egg
Small pieces of Haematite placed under your door mat are said to protect your home from negative energy attached to visitors that have had a tense and stressful day. Picture of Haematite Tumble Stone
Place a piece of Black Obsidian in the hall to help absorb any negative energy that may have collected there from the people who have passed through. Black Obsidian pyramid