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Healing with Crystal Wands

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The rounded base of a crystal wand allows it to be used directly on the skin without scratching making crystal wands a good tool for massage.

Lightly and gently moving the wand in small circles over a tense area, particularly on the head, hands and feet can release tension in that area.

amethyst wand

Wands can also be used to massage the subtle body energies and release unwanted tensions.

To do this have the patient lie down and sit comfortably by their side. Begin at the feet with the wand held point outwards and make small anticlockwise circling movements. Slowly work up the body. You will probably be aware of areas that feel different where you instinctively feel the need for the wand to move in a different way or where the wand feels heavy and 'sticky'. If you do feel this need to change the wand's movement, do so and then return to the normal movement.

When you reach the top of the head reverse the wand so that the point faces inwards. Move down the body from the head to the feet, once again moving the wand in small circles but this time clockwise. This recharges the body's energy fields. Once again you may feel the need to change the wand's movement over certain areas, do so and then return to moving the wand in small clockwise circles.

sodalite wand

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