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Making a Crystal Mandala for Meditation

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Many of us find it difficult to meditate because our minds are always busy thinking of all the things we have to do. Making a crystal Mandala can help to clear your mind and prepare you for meditation.

The word Mandala comes from the classical Indian language of Sanskrit, it can be loosely translated to mean "circle". A Mandala represents wholeness. Meditating on a Mandala helps you to centre your mind and body and encourages you to heal from within, from your centre outwards.

In addition the process of arranging tumble stones in a Mandala pattern forces you to concentrate on a task and helps to clear unnecessary thoughts from your mind and, while you are working with the crystals, you will be receiving their healing energies and vibrations.

What you need

  1. A selection of different types of crystal tumbles or chips.
  2. A quiet room with space on a table or on the floor to lay out your tumbles.
  3. A black crystal such as Tourmaline, Haematite or Black Obsidian to ground you after the meditation

Steps in Crystal Mandala Meditation


(This mandala is an expansion of an idea mentioned in July Hall's book 'The Illustrated Guide to Crystals')

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