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Tourmaline Healing Net

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Benefits of the Tourmaline Healing Grid

The Tourmaline Healing Net can be used to help realign the bones and to relax tension in the muscles. This net can also provide grounding and protective support and may be particularly useful after moving house or travelling. This Healing Net is said to be beneficial for relieving jetlag.

Tourmaline Healing Layout

What you need

You will need 8 tourmaline crystals and a green cloth to lie on. If you do not have a green cloth use a white one.

Crystal Layout

Lay out the tourmaline crystals to form two crosses on the body. To form the first cross place one crystal at the head and one at the feet. Place two more crystals at wrist height. To form the second cross repeat this placement but offset the cross, clockwise, by about 20 degrees. Place one crystal just below elbow height and another at hand height; place another crystal in line with the shoulder, at head height, and the final crystal at ankle height.

Relax in this position for about 5 to 10 minutes. This pattern may initially emphasize painful areas in the body but this should soon fade away as the body relaxes and readjusts itself. After removing the crystals relax in the same position for at least 15 minutes.

This healing net can be performed using tourmaline tumble stones or tourmaline crystals. If your tourmaline crystals have natural terminations these should be placed pointing inwards towards the body.


Tourmaline Healing Layout Set

picture of The Tourmaline Layout Kit

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This layout is from Sue and Simon Lilly's book Healing with Crystals and Chakra Energies.