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Wearing Crystals

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Wearing Crystal Jewellery is one of the most simple and effective ways of utilising the powerful healing energies of crystals.

picture of an moonstone pentacle pendant necklace

Wearing Chakra Jewellery is a useful way to stimulate and balance the chakras and to help maintain the body's energy levels.

picture of a chakra wheel pendant

When wearing a crystal pendant, or necklace, the length of the chain will determine which chakra will be most stimulated and balanced. Wearing crystal earrings can help to balance the energies of the throat, neck and head.

picture of a amethyst sunray earrings

As with all crystals it is important to cleanse your jewellery regularly to prevent a build up of negative energies.

If you need to place a crystal in a particular place on your body place it in a small bag or pouch and attach it securely to the inside of your clothing.

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