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Black Tourmaline Healing Layout Set

Black Tourmaline Healing Layout Set

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Item Details

This crystal healing set consists of a velvet bag containing 8 Medium tourmaline tumble stones.

The set includes instructions for the Tourmaline Healing Net.

This healing net is from Sue and Simon Lilly's book, Healing with Crystals and Chakra Energies

About Crystal Healing Net Kits

Crystal Healing Nets or Layouts refer to the placement of crystals on or around the body, in a particular pattern, to rejuvenate, refresh or heal the mind and body.

Properties of Tourmaline-Black

Tourmaline is a protective stone that is said to shield against ill-wishing and negative energies. In addition it is believed to protect against electromagnetic smog and radiation from mobile phones.

Tourmaline can be used as a natural insecticide. When buried in the ground or earth around a plant it is believed to deter pests and encourage healthy growth.

Tourmaline is said to encourage a positive attitude to life, whatever the circumstances, dispelling negative thoughts and encouraging clear rational thought processes.

In healing Tourmaline is said to strengthen the immune system and to reduce the pain of arthritis and muscle strain. Keeping a piece of tourmaline near a painful knotted muscle is believed to help relieve the pain.

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