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Green Aventurine Tumble Keyring

Green Aventurine Tumble Keyring

Item Details

A keyring made from a tumble Stone crystal

Approximate size of the Green Aventurine crystal: 1.5cm by 2.5cm

About Keyrings

If you want to carry a crystal around with you but don't want to wear it as jewellery, a keyring is an ideal alternative.

Properties of Aventurine-Green

Green Aventurine is a gentle supporting and comforting stone. It is a good all round healer and can calm anger and irritation while stimulating emotional recovery. Green Aventurine can reinforce leadership qualities and decisiveness and can help us to see alternatives and possibilities, gently encouraging us to persevere. It is a good stone for those pushing themselves outside their comfort zone.

Green Aventurine can reduce anxiety and fears and can be soothing and calming for claustrophobia.

Green Aventurine is one of the best overall balancing stones for the Heart Chakra because it acts gently without causing any turbulence.

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Price: 4.53

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