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Iolite Tumble Chip

Iolite Tumble Chip

Item Details

Approximate weight: less than 3g

Approximate size: 1cm - 1.5cm

About Tumble Chips

Tumble Chips are tiny tumble stones, less than 5 grams in weight.

They make it possible to obtain a rare crystal at a reasonable price and they are just as effective.

Properties of Iolite

Iolite is a valuable stone for helping to combat addictions, including alcoholism. It does this by helping you to see the causes of your addiction giving you the understanding that allows you to release yourself from them.

Iolite is said to be a very psychic and mystical stone that facilitates visualisation. It is also believed to stimulate intuitive insights and to help you to express your true self. It can free you from the expectations of others and encourage you to take responsibility for yourself, helping you to lead an independent life.

In healing Iolite is believed to help detoxify and regenerate the liver and is therefore of value in mitigating the effects of alcoholism. Iolite is also said to help ease migraine headaches.

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