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Merlinite Tumble Stone (V.Small)

Merlinite Tumble Stone (V.Small)

Sorry there are no more of this item available at this time.

Item Details

Weigh: 3g to 5g

Approximately: 1.5cm to 2cm long

About Tumble Stones

Tumble stones are crystals that have been polished by turning in a large drum with water and a grinding or polishing powder. This results in a smooth and tactile stone that is enticing to touch and hold and often has an increased radiance and beauty compared to its natural form.

Tumble stones are usually an ideal size to keep in your pocket or in a pouch and for placing on or around the body during crystal healing.

Our tumble stones are priced by weight, clicking on the picture will take you to a page that gives the size and weight for each tumble. For a summary of sizes and weights please see our tumble stone size guide page.

Properties of Merlinite

Merlinite is a very attractive mix of two colours, pearly white and black. The two colours, mixed together, are said to represent the coming together of spiritual and earthly vibrations. In consequence Merlinite is regarded as a very spiritual stone of great use in past life regression and healing.

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Tumble Stones

Please note that each of our crystals is unique, with its own beautiful characteristics, and may differ slightly from the illustration.