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Nephrite Jade Mini Heart Pendant

Nephrite Jade Mini Heart Pendant

Item Details

Sterling silver.

Supplied in a gift box with a 40cm/16 inch sterling silver, fine, curb chain.

Approximate length of the pendant with the fitting: 2cm

Approximate size of the Charoite heart: 1.2cm wide by 1.2cm high

About Heart Pendants

A crystal heart pendant is a beautiful way to connect to the healing energy of crystals.

Wearing crystal jewellery can make you feel uplifted. Crystals carry different energetic vibrations, depending on the properties of the crystal chosen, these resonate with our own vibrations stimulating the body's natural ability to heal itself.

Unless otherwise stated, our pendants are supplied with 16inch (40cm) silver curb chains. If you would rather have 18inch(45cm) chains, please contact us and let us know.

Properties of Jade (Nephrite)

There are two crystals commonly referred to as Jade, they are Jadeite and Nephrite. Nephrite is an opaque crystal and is more easily obtained than the translucent Jadeite. They both have similar properties.

Jade is said to promote love, courage, justice, wisdom and self-sufficiency and is believed to be an emotional balancer. It is thought to release negative thoughts and to soothe the mind.

Jade is a protective stone, said to protect the wearer from harm and to attract good luck and friendship.

In healing Jade can be placed on the Heart Chakra and is thought to calm the nervous system, cleanse the blood, and to remove toxins. It is said to be an excellent stone for the kidneys. Jade is also believed to aid fertility and childbirth.

Jade crystals have a slightly 'soapy' texture.

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Please note that each of our crystals is unique, with its own beautiful characteristics, and may differ slightly from the illustration.