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New Jade Dangle

New Jade Dangle

Sorry there are no more of this item available at this time.

Item Details

Made from stiff knotted cord, a 14mm lobster claw clasp and a hanging loop

The small clasp will fit on the zip tag on a bag

Consists of New Jade crystal chips, small pearls and a New Jade tumble stone.

Approximate length including clasp: 10cm

About Crystal Dangles

Gemstone dangles are made with knotted cord, gemstone chips and a tumble stone. They are ideal for attaching to bags, handbags and backpacks.

Properties of New Jade (Serpentine)

Serpentine is often called New Jade. It is said to help correct emotional imbalance and to enable you to feel more in control of your life. Serpentine is a good stone for crystal meditation and is said to be valuable in opening psychic abilities.

In healing Serpentine is believed to have cleansing and detoxifying properties. It is a useful stone for crystal healers as it is said to help in the conscious direction of healing energy to where it is needed.

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