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Sodalite Gemstone Tree

Sodalite Gemstone Tree

Sorry there are no more of this item available at this time.

Item Details

Approximate size of Sodalite Tumble Chip Leaves: 0.5cm by 0.5cm

The Gemstone Tree base is made from a small rough piece of Sodalite approximate size: 5cm by 3cm by 2cm

About Gemstone Trees

Gemstone Trees are a very beautiful way to bring Crystal energy into a room.

They are made from tiny crystals and twisted wire . Each tree is mounted on a piece of rough crystal and has approximately 70 small stones.

To make it easier to post your Gemstone Tree will arrive with the branches folded against the trunk. The best way to open it is to place your index finger underneath a branch and to bend the branch gently upwards and outwards. Do this to all the branches to achieve a pleasing and well-balanced tree shape.

Properties of Sodalite

Sodalite is said to be an excellent stone for bringing mental clarity and encouraging rational thought. It is also said to calm the mind allowing new information to be processed and taken in.

Sodalite is said to bring joy to a heavy heart and to encourage self-esteem, self-trust and self-acceptance. It is a useful crystal to have around during a team exercise as it is said to promote harmony, trust and solidarity of purpose between group members. Placed in a room Sodalite is believed to help clear electromagnetic pollution, helping those who are susceptible to ‘sick building syndrome’.

In healing Sodalite is believed to balance the emotions and calm panic attacks. It is also said to balance the metabolism, boost the immune system and help to relieve insomnia. In addition, Sodalite is thought to lower blood pressure, reduce fevers, soothe sore throats, and treat the vocal cords, larynx and digestive disorders.

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Gemstone Trees

Please note that each of our crystals is unique, with its own beautiful characteristics, and may differ slightly from the illustration.