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Tiger Iron Money Toad

Tiger Iron Money Toad

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Approx 4cm x 3cm x 2.7cm high

About Money Toads

The Three Legged Money Toad, also known as ‘Chan Chu’, is an ancient Chinese symbol of prosperity and is believed to drive away evil, protect wealth and increase income.

The Money Toad traditionally has a coin in its mouth to symbolise its role in increasing prosperity. In mythology it is said to appear, during the full moon, near the homes of those who are due to receive good news of increased wealth and income.

According to Feng Shui principles the way to use the Money Toad is to place it facing the door during the daytime, to attract abundance, and to turn it around to face away from the door during the night time, to keep the abundance in the home or business.

Properties of Tiger Iron

Tiger Iron is a combination of Haematite, Jasper and Tigers Eye. It is a stone of vitality believed to bring energy, strength, confidence, willpower and motivation.

Tiger Iron is said to be beneficial for those who are deeply exhausted and drained by taking on other people’s feelings and emotions. It is also valuable for those suffering from emotional or mental burnout or family stress.

Tiger Iron encourages and supports change, giving you the energy to take the necessary action. It is also a creative and artistic stone believed to bring out hidden talents and to help with creative endeavours

In healing Tiger Iron is thought to be beneficial for the blood and for balancing the red white cell count. It is also believed to increase natural steroids and muscle strength and to aid iron and vitamin B absorption

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Money Toads

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