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Turquoise Tumble Chip

Turquoise Tumble Chip

Item Details

Approximate weight: less than 3g

Approximate size: 1cm - 1.5cm

About Tumble Chips

Tumble Chips are tiny tumble stones, less than 5 grams in weight.

They make it possible to obtain a rare crystal at a reasonable price and they are just as effective.

Properties of Turquoise

Turquoise is a protective stone and has been used throughout the ages for protective amulets. Today it is believed to protect against outside influences and pollutants in the atmosphere.

Turquoise can assist creative problem solving and can calm the nerves when speaking in public. It is also believed to stabilise mood swings, dissolve self-sabotage and allow self-expression.

Turquoise is good crystal to wear when you have decisions to make as it can encourage self-questioning.

Turquoise is a Master Healer and can be placed on all the Seven Chakras but is especially beneficial for the Brow Chakra and the Throat Chakra. Placing turquoise on the Brow Chakra is said to enhance intuition and meditation, while placing it on the throat gently purifies the Throat Chakra and can be beneficial to the thyroid and the voice.

Turquoise is the birthstone for December and for Sagittarius.

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Tumble Chips

Please note that each of our crystals is unique, with its own beautiful characteristics, and may differ slightly from the illustration.